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SEC Form D Filings

Form Ds provide information on individual, unregistered securities offerings.

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Issuer Name CIK Filing Date Form Type Total Offering Amount Total Amount Sold Related Broker-Dealers
Sport Fishing Championship Enterprise LLC189480908/01/2023D$17,000,000$1,000,000
AL Fund I, a series of Rendered VC, LP193822108/01/2023D/A$1,660,000$1,660,000
Moss Point RV Park H, LLC194135608/01/2023D/A$1,925,000$1,715,170
FGA Opportunities II, L.P.194196208/01/2023D/AIndefinite$1,000,000
Fund I, a series of Outside Venture Capital, LP195257108/01/2023D/A$4,623,300$4,623,300
LAS VEGAS FLIGHT ACADEMY195700808/01/2023D$2,275,000$2,275,000
SuperAngel.vc QP, LP - C2197205308/01/2023D/A$2,354,446$2,354,446
SuperAngel.vc, LP - C2197225308/01/2023D/A$2,354,446$2,354,446
SHL Capital, LP - C4197226408/01/2023D/A$4,650,469$4,650,469
SHL Capital QP, LP - C4197226608/01/2023D/A$4,650,469$4,650,469

104,382 Results