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SEC Form D Filings

Form Ds provide information on individual, unregistered securities offerings.

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Issuer Name CIK Filing Date Form Type Total Offering Amount Total Amount Sold Related Broker-Dealers
Fund I-Q, a series of Orange Fund, LP192637908/01/2023D/A$16,250,000$16,250,000
CMS Apollo Holdings LP193670108/01/2023D/AIndefinite$22,553,036
Finality Capital Partners Fund I LP193980408/01/2023D/A$30,000,000$11,275,000
Resonant Absolute Return Offshore Fund, Ltd.193999408/01/2023D/AIndefinite$10,939,124
Trident Digital Fund, L.P.194054508/01/2023D/A$50,000,000$13,443,435
Caliber Tax Advantaged Opportunity Zone Fund II, LLC194063908/01/2023D/A$250,000,000$20,172,551TOBIN & COMPANY SECURITIES LLC
Hero Journey Club Inc.197295908/01/2023D$14,674,991$14,624,993
HMC Needles II, L.P.198336608/01/2023D/A$25,000,000$16,050,000
HT Grandewood Holdings I, LLC198788708/01/2023DIndefinite$13,485,000
Delano RAD LP198790908/01/2023D$13,989,000$13,989,000

53,814 Results